09 October 2011

Join FARM in Observing Food Day on October 24!

Dear Friend,
The month of October has become national "Food Month," offering an opportunity to save millions of animal lives by promoting a vegan diet. It began with World Vegetarian Day and World Farm Animals Day on October 1st and 2nd, continues with World Food Day on October 16th, and culminates with Food Day on October 24th and World Go Vegan Week on October 24th-31st.
The most influential among these is Food Day, launched this year by our good friends at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. CSPI has been dubbed "The Food Police," because of its frequent exposés of the deadly flaws of the standard American diet. The goals of this new national observance include promoting safe, healthy foods and protecting the environment, animals, and farm workers. More than 1,100 events have been registered thus far throughout the U.S.
Food Day organizers have invited FARM supporters to bring vegan literature to Food Day events in their communities, or to organize their own Food Day event!
To find an event in your community, visit the Events Page. To organize your own event, visit the  Organizing Page. To request vegan literature, visit our Literature Page.
Please join us in this uncommon opportunity to work in concert with a superb sister movement!
Alex Hershaft, President
Michael Weber, Program Director

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