Editors reserve the right to edit for length and clarity.

This is primarily a vegan based zine in the sense that we want to promote peaceful choices, compassionate actions, awareness and kindness. Not all the articles are about veganism. Nor do we want all articles to be about veganism. Gear your writing towards your experiences, your interests, your passions, your perspectives, your opinions, etc. We want to share life from your standpoint.

Contributors of artwork and writings have the opportunity to also submit an ad that will print in the same issue as their contribution will appear. Please make the ad business card sized, or no more than 3x4.5". You will also receive your very own copy of the 'zine, plus some extra goodies.

Issue 6 
[Animal Rights and Activism Around the World]
Deadline: 3-15-2012
We want to share with the world what AR and activism looks like where you live.

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