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Issue 6   Animal rescue:  …And then there were Four! (Meet Gizmo) • Here There Be Dragons (In Memory of Georgie) • 50,000 Egg Laying Hens Left To Die • Who is Saving Animals? • Socializing Feral Kittens • Excerpt from A Superior Revenge.  Activism/Lifestyle: A Vegan Activist Abroad • Why/When I Became Vegan - Testimonials • Chronicles of my Veganism • I’m Vegan and I’m Not Vegan • Occupy Your Mind • Activism in Orlando.  Reviews/Products: An Interview with Ruby Roth • Children Have Choices • Review of Fur & Feathers Game • (Not a) Book Review: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows • Our Basic Vegan Shopping Lists.  How-to’s: How to Make Seed “Bombs” • Cream of Mushroom Soup & Herb Spread • Fresh Apple Cake Muffins
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Issue 5:  Companion Animals: How a Crazy Cat Lady Fell in Love With Pit Bulls • Make Your Own Dog Treats • Got Cats? TNR can help! • What Tragedy Can Teach You About Yourself • Fighting Cruelty with Words • A Tale of Two Dogs.  Compassionate Diet & Lifestyle: Not a Book Review - The China Study • Alkaline and Acid Forming Energy • The VillageVeg • My Experiences at a Farm Sanctuary • Meatout Monday Challenge • Why I don’t Consume Dairy • Unnecessary Comforts • Hippie Tips Special Edition: Animal Testing.  Recipes: Natural Skin Care • Thousand Island Dressing & Linguini with Pesto • Lemon Cheesecake • Cinnamon Rolls

Issue 4:  Gift Guides and Online Shop Reviews!  Vegan Diet & Lifestyle: The Big Fake Meat Debate - Tradition vs. Veganism - Not a Book Review: The World Peace Diet - Despair Repair - Humane Education 101 - Hippie Tips.  Companion Animals: The VillageVeg Gets a Gift of Love - Winter Safety for Dogs.  Recipes: Tuscan Potato Soup - Veggie Buns - Gluten-Free Bagels - Chocolate Bread Pudding

Issue 3: Companion Animals: Recipe - Doggie Celebration Cake • Greyhounds Make Greyt Pets • Why Spay/Neuter • Addison’s Disease in Dogs.  Vegan Diet & Lifestyle: You Asked...The Difference between Vegan and Vegetarian • Not a Book Review: Eating Animals • How to Advocate for More Vegan Options in Local Eating Establishments • Recovering My Authentic Self • Hippie Tips • Vegan-Interest Blog Directory.  Civil Rights: Essay - I will tell you the truth • The Gift of Refugees • Biography: Harriet Martineau • HIV/AIDS in my gay, vegan world

Issue 2: The vegan issue: Diabetes and the Vegan Diet - Marketing Veganism - Recipe Corner: Friend-of-the-Sheep’s Pie - Becoming Vegan - Making the Transition to Vegan - Animals Are Not Ours To Use. And much more: Disaster Preparedness - Aromatherapy: Clary Sage - Hippie Tips - Wildlife & Trash: A Dangerous Combination - Taking a Road Trip with your Dog - Organic Foods - Cows and Cowches

Issue 1: Pet Snails - The Village Veg - Frankincense - Upcycled Art - Freeganism in a Capitalism Society - Vegan Diets for Dogs - My Gross Furbaby: An Essay - You Asked: Converting to Vegan - Preventing Skin Cancer with Nutrition - Editorial: Equality - Hippie Tips: Reduce Your Waste - Anyone Can Help Animals - Recipe: Choco-Chunk Cookies

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