16 March 2010

Review on EFA!

Reviewed by Mishkat, Etsy for Animals


Peace to All Creatures: 'Zine Review

"Peace to All Creatures" is a new 'zine edited and designed by Pippi Howard of Uber Duper Creations and Jessi Van Pelt of Ginger Card Company. I have worked with Jessi and Pippi on some on-line projects to raise money for animals in need, and I knew that they were both committed to helping animals, but I really did not know what to expect when a friend asked me to review it. My first answer was "I'm not a vegan!" Pippi assured me that the 'zine was for everyone, and she was right.
There are three sections within the 'zine: Animals, Veg Diet & Heath, and Social & Green Issues, and each has several stories. Pippi and Jessi have both contributed articles, as have six other authors, and there is something in here to interest just about everybody. Some of the pieces are funny, some are educational, and some are both entertaining and informative. You may not agree with every article, but one of the things I liked most about the 'zine is that the opinions expressed are clearly individual, and there's no attempt to preach.
A few of my other favorite things about the 'zine were:
- The gorgeous cover art on the front (a painting by Hannah Braden) and back (a sculpture by Green Art Studios).
- Jessi Van Pelt's writing style. She actually made an article about reducing waste fun to read!
- Pippi Howard and Carla Guinta's anecdotes and advice about being vegan in an omnivorous world.
- Erica Freeman's charming article about caring for pet snails.
- Nicole Simone's helpful essay on how you can help animal rescue organizations from home.
- The fact that 10% of the profits from the magazine go to animal charity.
The magazine is printed on recycled paper and bound with a hemp cord, and is also available as a download. I highly recommend it.
Note: you can find "Peace to All Creatures" on Etsy at both GingerCardCo and UberDuberCreations.

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