17 April 2010

Facebook Moratorium

“Words mean nothing. Action is everything.”
For The Animals

While Facebook and other social media is good for disseminating information, a prevailing notion was that perhaps it deterred some activism as the time spent chatting and reading others posts could be spent fighting for the animals.

I am inspired by their words and hope to use social media to advance a campaign in which we ditch social media for a week and devote that time to the animals. World Week for Laboratory Animal Liberation is almost here. I propose that we spend this week or next figuring out how much time we spend each day online.  Then, let’s take 3 days during Laboratory Week for Animal Liberation to devote this amount of time to the animals (or any other social justice movement in which you are involved).
Let’s use Facebook for it’s good for and promote this event! Please see the Facebook invitation and invite others!!!

Jessi & I will be (volunteer) working on  projects for Earth Day, as well as Worldwide Vegan Bake Sales.
Sign up for the moratorium, even if you sit at home on your duff for three days, it's a message, an example, and someone will hear your message (posted as your status). Comment & let us know what you are up to! (Since you are not on facebook)


  1. thank you for reposting this! i am tryign hard to get as many people on board as possible this week.

  2. We are too Vegina! My moratorium starts tomorrow!
    I was able to get about a dozen other people to join in. Hopefully more!


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