20 April 2010

The presses are fired up!

We will update you just as soon as we know when we will have these ready to ship out. We are thinking they will be ready Monday or Tuesday [April 26/27ish]. Want to hear a bit about what is inside this amazing issue?
Well, for starters, the cover is by Neva Davis! [Click on the image to view it larger.]

 And inside we've got our rescue animal and guardian photo collage!
And the usual suspects, like, Hippie Tips, You Asked, an Essay [or two], articles for and about Companion Animals, and of course a Recipe!

As well as a few new items that we hope to keep as regular columns, like, Unnecessary Comforts, Blog Directory, and [This is ] Not a Book Review!


Yes it is amazing! Also!! Wait until you see our civil rights collection! It is all a labor of love and we cannot wait to share this talent with you! So stay tuned for the release :0) Be well until then!


  1. Can't wait! Do you know if there will be a downloadable version of the zine so that folks (like me) who live a bit further afield can purchase it in .pdf format? (That would be super cool, & save on paper/postage too!) Jx

  2. Fear not Jane! Contributors, like you, receive a copy before they go on sale! But, yes, we do offer .pdf versions as well!

  3. Sounds really cool - keep up the good work!


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