31 May 2010

The Pet Postcard Project

The Pet Postcard Project.
Here's the scoop: "Pet Postcards" for this project are homemade postcards featuring your own pets that you make and then snail mail into The Pet Postcard Project. Each card you send earns food for shelter dogs (sometimes 1 pound per card, sometimes more!). So far, this project has earned 90,000 lbs of food and $18,000 for shelter animals, and has received thousands of cards -- funny, weird, sad, cute, profound, and above all, all filled with LOVE for a beloved pet. The ONLY real requirements are that the words you use be a "dog or cat confession" or "dog or cat advice" or "dog or cat wishes" or "dog or cat excuses," and that your cards be somewhat creative.
Readers and writers of the Peace 'zine, I know this little project is right up your alley!!!

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