15 July 2010

VeganEtsy Team Contribution for the FARM Auction

Sadly, Jessi and I cannot attend the Animal Rights Conference in Washington D.C. this year. So when Cindi Saadi of FARM USA wrote to the VeganEtsy Team seeking auction contributions, I knew this was a chance to be there in spirit. Besides, it's a great cause and the team is generous and jumps at the chance to help educate, outreach and save animals.

With only a very small window with which to seek contributions, some of the team members sent in contributions on an individual basis. (Would LOVE to see some of those items! hint hint)  Even with the time crunch, the team pulled together and got their items in to me. Even as far away as Wales, UK! (Thanks to our very own 'zine project contributor, Kim Shay)

Here are a few of these items. Oh! By the way, Starrlight Jewelry wins for best smelling contribution. As part of her contribution, she included Kona Coffee from Hawaii! 
My, oh, my, I almost couldn't resist! As the team leader, Starrlight also sent in a small VeganEtsy team promo package and a Team Sampler Package which included items like a "vegan" patch, bracelets and pins. She also included a beautiful hand painted cameo necklace.Who wouldn't look amazing in that? (I'm sorry I didn't take individual photos! The items contributed are high quality crafts! People will be excited for this prize!)

MidnightRabbits/Veganessa sent in a fabulous purse, which my husband aptly named "The Wookie Purse"! It was the perfect container for all of the contributions to be presented in! (see the last photo). She also included a lovely pair of red heart dangley (what? YES! That is a word) earrings. I also received 2 very pretty pins from MVegan5 to add to our collection (Also a 'zine project contributor)!

Other items included in this fabulous team contribution auction bag are:

If you are lucky enough (smart enough) to be attending this year's Animal Rights Conference, I recommend attending the Saturday Night Banquet (Pre-register!!). And definitely stay for the auction afterward, or at least for some of it. It can get long, but I'm sure there will be some surprises and a lot of fun. Also, you won't be sorry for taking advantage of the free snack offerings (Scroll to the bottom) (Check your program for times on snacks). 


(Oh, FYI, This entire contribution, not counting all the shipping contributors paid, is worth around $250 dollars! GO TEAM!)


  1. fab, thanks for putting this together, what a lovely vegan goodie selection! well done team! (I like the name "wookie bag" hehehe)

  2. Hi ya! I sent my contribution separately. I sent in these two framed photos:


    & one small book of 20 photos.
    The book sent was paperbound, not the hardbound copy like here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/50399403/a-coffee-table-book-of-my-photos
    but the photos are all the same ones.

    So great the team really came together on this! Go team!!

  3. Awesome awesome! I'm impressed with how much everyone donated!


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