04 October 2010

World Farm Animals Day

Each year, more than 58 billion sentient beings are brutalized and killed in the world's factory farms and slaughterhouses. On World Farm Animals Day, caring people across the globe take action on behalf of these innocent animals.
Popular activities include leafleting, information tables, lectures, marches, walks, fasts, and memorial services. For a more dramatic effect, stage a die-in, hold a vigil or protest, have a cage-in or video screening in a public place, or include civil disobedience as part of your observance.
Don't miss this chance to be part of an international day of action to raise awareness about the moral injustices, environmental devastation, and public health hazards that result from animal agriculture!

You can also spread the word online by adding us as a friend on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter and placing a WFAD banner on your website.

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