26 February 2012

Beagles Are Awesome

I wanted to share some photos of my Beagle (Buddy) that I adopted from my county's animal services, and of some other Beagles I have helped to rescue from high-kill shelters. I am Beagle-crazy, in case you didn't know. I also wanted to ask you to check this list of beauty and household products that are tested on animals, and to please switch to a cruelty-free version if you use any of the products. There is also a downloadable list of those that do and don't here. You may not know, but animal testing is frequently done on Beagles, for the reason they are so loveable - their sweet and gentle nature. With that Public Service Announcement and personal plea out of the way, here are the photos. Enjoy!
Peace, Jessi


Hero & Buddy


Pepper. Pepper was dumped at a shelter with 4 of his brothers
when a breeder didn't want them anymore!

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