09 February 2012

Do you have your copy of issue 5 yet?

Here's what you are missing:

Companion Animals: How a Crazy Cat Lady Fell in Love With Pit Bulls • Make Your Own Dog Treats • Got Cats? TNR can help! • What Tragedy Can Teach You About Yourself • Fighting Cruelty with Words • A Tale of Two Dogs

Compassionate Diet & Lifestyle: Not a Book Review: The China Study • Alkaline and Acid Forming Energy • The VillageVeg • My Experiences at a Farm Sanctuary • Meatout Monday Challenge • Why I don’t Consume Dairy • Unnecessary Comforts • Hippie Tips Special Edition: Animal Testing

Recipes: Natural Skin Care • Thousand Island Dressing & Linguini with Pesto • Lemon Cheesecake • Cinnamon Rolls

Get your copy here.

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