15 March 2012

Peace to All Creatures bake sale reminder

The bake sale is THIS weekend!

How it will work (tentatively):
1. we post photos, descriptions and minimum bids of the goodies on the 18th at 10:00am.

2. you comment on the post with your bid.

3. email us at creatureszine@gmail.com before the end of the sale so we have your email address and can contact you if you win and give you payment info

4.Be sure to check back toward the end of the sale (on the 19th at 10:00pm) to make sure no one out-bid you!

5. If you win the item at the close of the sale, we will notify you (so, don't comment anonymously!)

6. After you pay via PayPal by end of day Wednesday, the volunteer will bake the goodies and ship them ASAP right to you!

As an extra incentive to raise more money for the charities, if bidding for an item goes over a certain amount, we will have thank you gifts to send those winners!

Anyone in the lower 48-states can bid, and help us raise money for 4 of our favorite and very deserving charities, which are
Animal Coalition of Tampa (low cost spay/neuter), Dogs for the Deaf, Darlynn's Darlins (pig sanctuary), and Friends of Arlington Animal Services.

If you have any questions, please comment here!


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