23 September 2012

Pippi's Recipe Review: Falafel Pie

Each week my Sister in Law- Heidi, my mom, my cousin -Jasmine and I choose recipes to experiment with. We have been picking 2 main courses and a sweet treat. But there are no rules that it has to be this way.

Sometimes we all cook them all and sometimes we just will get around to making one or two. We all end up doing different things, either because we don't have or don't like a particular ingredient. Maybe we have extra items in the re-fridge/freeze or cupboard that need to be used up. Sometimes we just forget something at the store. Or we are inspired by the recipe to go an entirely different direction.

I have found this project pretty fun. I have also found that it's taking some of the redundancy out of meal planning. And it get's me in the kitchen with the kiddos (homeschool holler!) trying those drool-icious re-pinned pinterest recipes that I probably would otherwise never try.

Lately, I have extended this project outside our our little family group. So because our family facebook group is a closed group and we cannot share what is going on, I decided that I will post my recipe reviews on my blog so that I can share and other's can share their experiences in the comments section here!

So here goes!

Falafel Pie a al The Vegan Stoner
Recipe link: http://theveganstoner.blogspot.com/2012/03/falafel-pie.html

I pretty much followed the recipe.

  • I only had one small cucumber from my garden so I used the entire thing in the sauce and didn't add any extra slices to my layers. 
  • I diced the tomatoes for ease in eating. I would like to do what Heidi did and add some diced red or green onion as well, next time. A little extra cucumber, diced, would be nice too, but with the sauce, it wasn't necessary.
  • Even though I used plain yogurt (WholeSoy), I found it sweet. I added a bit extra lemon juice and some spike to mask the sweetness. I think I would add a little bit of dill next time as well. I just learned that there is an unsweetened version of this, but I'll need to request it at my store.
  • Verdict: This recipe is a keeper! So easy and it keeps in the fridge well. Two thumbs up!
Sorry that my photography isn't great. Lighting is tricky in the kitchen with my old school 3GS iPhone. Maybe Santa will get me 4S (or 5?) for Christmas...

Oh, forgot to mention that the green you see if bits of broccoli. I had a tiny florette on my broccoli plant in my garden that was about to bloom. It needed to get consumed so I diced it up and sprinkled it on top for color :) NOT a significant addition to the recipe.

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