06 October 2012

Pippi's Recipe Review: Oh She Glows 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta

Each week my Sister in Law- Heidi, my mom, my cousin -Jasmine and I choose recipes to experiment with. We have been picking 2 main courses and a sweet treat. But there are no rules that it has to be this way. Click -> to read More about our weekly recipe project. To participate, you can join our group on facebook {www.facebook.com/groups/recipeteam/} or leave a comment with your own review and recipe suggestions. We recently created this facebook group so that we could share with friends outside of our family group. Please join us!

I started this weeks kitchen adventure with the 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. I admit, this one left me skeptical. I mean, I like me some avocado. But that is usually as guacamole, or chopped in salad with a zingy dressing. But as a pasta sause base? I wasn't too sure I would like it. However, I went forth as a brave young (ha!) soldier.  
     I followed the recipe with no changes. I used regular {wheat} shell pasta.
  • Blending the lemon, garlic and basil, touch of sea salt and the olive oil. I'm with Heidi on this one. With the richness of the avocado, the olive oil could easily be replaced with water. 
This review is as quick as it was to make this recipe. It was a breeze to make. Only took as long as the pasta took to cook. Everything was tossed together and served right away.

The verdict: DEEEEELISH! This pasta was outta-sight tight! Before I got a chance to try it, the hubby was exclaiming it's awesomeness. He had a huge serving and wanted me to make it again the next night. Even the littles ate their generous portions. The avocado disappeared into the lemon, garlic and basil and just became the creamy in the creamy goodness of this dish. This recipe is quick, simple and can easily become one of the redundant meals that we add to our rotation. If I had more than 2 thumbs, they would all be up! 


  1. I love this recipe, and I make it without oil too. Still delicious! My boyfriend doesn't like avocado, so I make this whenever he's not home for dinner- it makes me look forward to him being away, in a way!

    1. Maybe try making this for the both of you when he's not lurking in the kitchen watching what is going in! I don't think he would be able to identify the avocado. It is amazing how the flavors of the lemon, garlic and basil dominate and the avocado is just creamy, not at all avocadoey. (Did I just make that word up?)

  2. Oooooh I loooove avocados. Must try this soon.

    1. Same reply for you sweet Sus! I love avo's too, but cannot taste them in this recipe.


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