07 November 2012

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau says Watch my NEW Thanksgiving Video!

As Thanksgiving approaches each year, vegetarian and vegans tend to be accused of "breaking tradition" for not eating turkeys. And yet, if we hold historical accuracy as the standard for being true to "tradition," then all of us who eat mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, sweet cranberry sauce, and flour biscuits are breaking tradition since none of these things were eaten at "The First Thanksgiving" in 1621.  

The strong response people have to vegans not eating turkeys on Thanksgiving belies the unfortunate fact that we place more emphasis on tradition than on our values of health and compassion. And yet, they need not be mutually exclusive. We can most certainly eat in such a way that reflects our values and honors tradition at the same time.

In my new Vegan Thanksgiving video, I call on each of us to remember the true meaning of this holiday - gratitude, community, seasonal abundance, and generosity - and provide practical tips for reflecting these values in the foods we choose. Check out the video for my recommendations for creating a beautiful main dish, delicious side dishes, and scrumptious desserts that contain all the flavor and texture of our familiar favorites without any of the harm. 

For the animals,
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge: Your personal guide to eating healthfully and living compassionately.
Whether you want to improve your overall health, shed a few pounds, demonstrate your compassion for animals, or help the environment, expert Colleen Patrick-Goudreau gives you the tools and resources you need to make the vegan transition - healthfully, joyfully, and deliciously. Addressing your every question and challenge, Patrick-Goudreau holds your hand the entire time, helping you to break free from old habits and to experience lasting benefits - both tangible and intangible.

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