02 November 2012

PTAC cookbook available!!!

Two exciting things happening with the Peace to All Creatures Zine Project!

First, we have a cookbook zine for sale now! New recipes from friends and bloggers we love, plus some from back issues of the Peace to All Creatures zine! Of course, 100% of profits go to charities we love! It's available on Etsy here.

The recipes (all vegan):

Sides & appetizers: Mediterranean Quinoa Chickpea Pilaf • Roasted Garlic and Cilantro Hummus• Japanese Tofu Taco Bites • Stuffed Veggie Buns• Crabby Cakes

Soup & Salad: Tuscan Potato Soup • Cream of Mushroom Soup & Herb Spread • Green Chile Corn Chowder • Char’s Veggie Chili

Entrees: Colcannon Pancakes with Roasted Cabbage • Friend of the sheep’s pie • Thousand Island Dressing + Linguini with Pesto • Mushroom Stroganoff • Blackberry Glazed Tofusteaks with Hoppin’ Salsa in Mole Sauce • Maple Teriyaki Kabobs over Coconut Arborio Rice • Creamy Avocado Collard Green Wraps • Chickpea Tacos w/Fresh Tomato Avocado Salsa • Easy Peasy Garlic Veggies and Shells • Zucchini Lasagne • Weekly Meal Plans

Breads: Gluten-Free Bagels • “Buttermilk” Cinnamon Rolls • Fresh Apple Cake Muffins • BBB muffins (blueberry banana bran muffins) • Banana Bread • Gluten-Free Pancakes

Desserts: Cranberry Macadamia Buttons • Choco Chunk Cookies • Chocolate Bread Pudding • Gluten Free Girl Scout Samoas • Raspberry Creme Pie • No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Date Balls • No-Bake Chocolate Cherry Pie Balls • Celebration Cake for Doggies • Brown Sugar Pecan Pie • Spiced Cashew Mylk Hot Chocolate • Fall Smoothie

Non-food: laundry detergent • eco-friendly roach repellent

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