05 April 2010

[Updated] Is Your Eye on This Prize?

Our first contest! Issue 3 is in production now and will be released very soon.

The first prize is brought to you by Daisy Wares!
Roni is a contributor to the 'zine project and her shop is loaded with amazing products!

What you will win...$10 gift certificate for anything in Daisy Wares shop! WOWza!!

How you will win...by writing a review of any issue of the zine in Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe.
[Update!] You do not have to purchase anything! Even if you did not purchase your zine from Cosmos, you can still write a zine review on Cosmo's site!
To qualify:

  • You must have actually read any issue of the 'zine. 
  • You must be a follower of this blog, 
  • Network Blog 
  • Facebook Fan 
  • Then go to Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe, create an account, and then review our 'zine! 
  • Once you submit the review to Cosmo's, comment here to let us know that you are ready to be the big winner!


  1. My review has been posteded. :) Love your 'zine and what you all are doing!

  2. I just submitted a review, although it's not posted yet. Love the zine! <3

  3. You guys are so great!! Thank you!!

  4. I just posted my review and I meant every word I said! :)


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