04 April 2010

Celebrating World Rat Day! Profits From Earth Day Bags Go To Carolina Pet Rescue!

Earth Day Bags On Sale

 Take some really cool hand stenciled cotton tote bags, fill them with vegan craft samples from around the world...what do you get? Vegan Sample Bags!!

Each bag contains 17-20 awesome vegan crafty samples!
**Your bag will not necessarily be the one in the photo as that is just an example of a bag! Each sample bag will be different and one of a kind!**

You can check out some of the current contributing shops here:

{There are mini 'zines in the bags as well, we just aren't listed on the site.}
There is a special stencil design (Designed by Jessi VanPelt of our 'zine!) for the earth day bags, pictured in one of the photos!!! Your bag will have that image hand stenciled on it, and each bags color combination will vary!

Check out the website for more details:

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