01 April 2010

Vegan Earth Day

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The only thing better than going vegan to reduce global warming emissions and protect the environment is helping others take this critical step.
Let's educate the public that:

  • Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined: changing our driving habits is not enough!

  • Three times a day, we can choose to eat sustainably by leaving animal products off our plates.
Here's are a few ways you can get active:
Organize a Vegan Earth Day event (see the Action Center).
Promote veganism at an existing Earth Day event.
Distribute special environmental handouts that offer free Vegan Starter Guides and Meatout Mondays, our colorful weekly e-mail with recipes.
Request our Vegan Earth Day materials today:

Free Vegan Earth Day Pack with a poster, handouts, stickers, sign-up sheet, and more.

Find out more at www.BiteGlobalWarming.org!

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