30 September 2012

Coming Up Soon!

Exciting things coming up on the Peace to All Creatures blog!

Vegan MoFo during the month of October. That's right, we'll be posting at least 20 times about vegan FOOD.  Some of the topics will be...
  • Two of your fair editors, Jessi and Amber, are going to New York City for a (vegan) wedding, and to EAT, shop and see the sights of course! So, we'll be talking about our adventures in vegan wedding cake making, cool things we saw, restaurants we ate at, etc. etc.
  • Jessi will be posting about her weekly meal plan project. Every weekend, she cooks up a storm for herself and three friends to have already prepared lunch and dinner through out the week. 
  • Pippi will be posting about her weekly recipe review project. Every week, she and some of her family (throughout the U.S.) choose three recipes to experiment with and/or veganize, then they share the results with each other, and with us!
  • If you need some new ideas for meals, motivation to get in the kitchen, and/or encouragement to save money on food – stand by – help is on the way!
AND, November 10-11 will be our second Online Bake Sale Auction, to benefit four charities (one for each editor). You bid, and we mail the goodies to you! In March we raised over $1000, so we're doing it again! Mark your calendars!

- Jessi

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