15 October 2012

New York City, Day 5

First up, Amber and I made our way to Foodswings vegan diner, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I got a chopped salad, potato skins (bacun bits, cheddar cheese – homemade, sour cream), and a “crunchberries” milk shake – strawberry ice cream with Oreo-type cookies blended in. The salad was okay, the potatoes were good, and the milkshake was magical! Afterward we went to what I would describe as an overpriced hipster yard sale store! They were selling secondhand items for $10 that at a regular yard sale you would get 50-cents for! Then, we went to a most amazing store, Fuego 718. So much cool stuff - I’m a huge fan of Dia de Los Muertos and Frida Kahlo items! I didn’t actually buy anything, but I wanted ALL of it!

Then a quick subway ride to Dun-well Doughnuts. I got one with raspberry icing, and one with peanut butter icing filled with raspberry jelly. MAGICAL. I ate the (very squished) half of the peanut butter one I had left when we got to the airport the next day. 

After that, we needed to see Trader Joes - we've never been. We went to the one in Manhattan – saw the line – didn’t buy anything. One of the employees told us they do the same amount of business at that one in a day than the others do in 2 weeks!  Will go to the new Sarasota location for all the yummy, inexpensive stuff next month. I have pined for a Trader Joes here for YEARS. They need to hurry up and build one in Orlando!

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  1. I loved Foodswings and DunWell, I can't wait to get back to NYC soon.


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