14 October 2012

New York City, Day 4

Wedding Day!

Amber and I made the palm-oil-free wedding cake, while Pj – the bride - was running around like crazy trying to get ready. The icing was only: cocoa butter, powdered sugar and vanilla. I think we should have made our own butter instead of just using cocoa butter, but there was no time for experimenting! It was an… interesting experience. I don't think I'll be posting a photo!

The wedding was held on the patio of V-Spot, a Columbian-influenced vegan restaurant in Brooklyn.  The dinner food included: empanadas - tofu scramble and tempeh mushroom, a cold Asian noodle salad with broccoli and tofu, summer rolls, and soft tacos – mushroom/spinach and ground “beef”. I need to figure out how to make the flaky, buttery crust the empanadas had!

I had the honor of officiating the wedding ceremony, which was based on an amazing vegan-centric ceremony that Dr. Melanie Joy wrote. Pj's sister did the photography.

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