13 October 2012

New York City, Day 3

Yes, I got back from NYC almost a week ago... the posting is a little belated. Oopsie. I was doing pretty good with writing in the morning before Amber got up, but I didn't want to get too behind with Central Florida Veg Fest and CAAN organizing, so I worked on that instead. Sorry, Vegan MoFo! So, here is Day 3...

Walked to Strictly Vegetarian again today. We were way too proud of ourselves that we walked the 8(?) blocks to there, the bank and the post office without Pj! I had sorrel, a veggie patty (empanada with beans and veggies), and a piece of carrot cake.

Dinner was pizza made by Pj, and assisted by Amber and me. We made: margarita, Pineapple & Onion, Radiccio,  and Spinach. Pj made her own crust, and her own *magical* cashew-based cheese, which was given an “aged” taste with vegan probiotics. Her (all non-vegan) family was there, and they all loved the pizza. 

- Jessi

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