11 October 2012

Pippi's Recipe Review: Quiche A Week Lasagna Bites

     Each week my Sister in Law- Heidi, my mom, my cousin -Jasmine and I choose recipes to experiment with. We have been picking 2 main courses and a sweet treat. But there are no rules that it has to be this way. Click -> to read More about our weekly recipe project. To participate, leave a comment with your own review and recipe suggestions.

Vegan Lasagna Bites a la Crustless Quiche A Week & Everything Inbetween
Recipe Link: http://quicheaweek.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/vegan-lasagna-bites/

I changed this recipe up all over the place, all the while, sticking to it's basic concept. Does anyone want to guess what I put inside? (Tob, Heidi, Mom, you know you know!)
  • First, the ricotta. I cannot afford pine nuts. And if I could, the hospital would come and take them away in lieu of payment towards our outstanding balance. Instead, I used tried and trusted cashews. I think walnuts would have been good too. I did add basil to my batch. Easy peasy!
  • My filling consisted of sauteed kale (I shredded it into tiny morsels), grated zucchini (ding ding ding!), diced onions and garlic.
  • I used jar pasta sauce.  
  • Unlike Heidi, who uses no oil (Engine2 diet), I did spray my sheet pan before I assembled/baked. Although, I suspect that may not even be necessary. Even with out a silicon baking sheet.
  • Assembly was pretty straight forward. Deceivingly simple. I did use a touch of water at the corners to help them stick together. I did not brush the tops with olive oil, nor did I spray them with oil. They browned up just fine. 
  • Verdict: This recipe was really good, really pretty simple, versatile; You could pretty much put anything in these bad boys.  I would like them with some Italian sausage (Tofurkey or Field Roast). Two thumbs up, we will make this again. I may just stick them in a cupcake pan and fill them and bake them instead of folding them, for an even speedier version!

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